Here you will find the milestones of the history of Praktiker.

2013 Reflagging of Praktiker stores to the sales line Max Bahr started in Germany, operations in Turkey discontinued, long and harsh winter slows down important spring business, resulting liquidity shortage causes Praktiker AG and most of its operating subsidiaries to file for insolvency, in the course of the year all Praktiek stores in Germany are closed.
2012 Revision of restructuring program of the Praktiker Group. Realignment of the company's home market. Capital increase.
2011 Start of the Praktiker Group restructuring program, board downsizing and change of line-up, market exit in Albania (end of the year).
2010 The transformation program "Praktiker 2013" initiates the restructuring of the Praktiker Group and the strategic realignment of Praktiker Germany.
2009 Market launch in Albania despite economic crisis and decelerated international expansion. In Germany, Praktiker counters the economic slump with its marketing campaign “Sleeves up”.
2008 30 years of Praktiker and bâtiself, 10th anniversary of international operations in Turkey and Hungary. Expansion abroad continues. 100th store opened, in the Ukrainian town of Mykolaiv. Marketing strategy in Germany renewed.
2007 Integration of Max Bahr after the takeover clearing by the German Federal Cartel Office; start of the introduction of the Easy-to-Shop concept in Germany; market entry in the Ukraine.
2006 Acquisition of Max Bahr with 76 stores; introduction of the Easy-to-Shop concept in six stores; new slogan: "The price is key".
2005 More than 340 stores in eight countries, more than € 3 bn. in sales, more than € 105 mn. in EBITA, 25 percent foreign share of sales, successful initial public offering of Praktiker Bau- und Heimwerkermärkte Holding AG on November 22, 2005.
2004 Market entry in Bulgaria.
2003 Twenty-fifth company anniversary, 56 international locations, successful price offensive in Germany.
2002 A total of 295 stores in Germany, 53 abroad, new marketing concept, price offensive starting in March 2002, market entry in Romania, acquisition of 100 percent of shares pf Praktiker AG by METRO AG ("squeeze out"), revocation of the stock listing.
2001 Optimization of personnel and cost structure.
2000 Acquisition of 27 "TopBau“ stores, optimization of the assortment structure, introduction of the modular system in 256 stores, initiation of repositioning.
1999 Tender Offer to Praktiker stockholders by the METRO Group. Metro AG acquires more than 99 percent of capital stock.
1998 Acquisition of 25 "extra" franchise stores, 20th anniversary, market entry in Hungary and Turkey.
1997 Acquisition of 60 "Wirichs" home improvement and DIY centers, market entry in Poland.
1996 Acquisition of 27 "Bauspar" home improvement and DIY centers.
1995 Initial public offering of Praktiker Bau- und Heimwerkermärkte AG. Following the merger of Asko Kaufhof, Metro Cash & Carry into the METRO Group, Praktiker becomes part of Europe´s largest retailing company.
1993 Acquisition of home improvement and DIY centers "BLV", "MHB", "Massa", "Huma".
1992 Acquisition of "real-kauf" and "extra" home improvement and DIY centers.
1991 Acquisition of “esbella” and “Continent,” market entry in Greece.
1990 DIY procurement for the entire Asko Group, “real-kauf” stores integrated into Praktiker.
1985 Acquisition of 12 “Wickes” home improvement and DIY stores.
1982 Strategic shift to the discount principle.
1979 Opening of four Praktiker home improvement and DIY stores in Germany, acquisition of nine “BayWa” home improvement and DIY stores
1978 Establishment of Praktikus Bau- und Heimwerkermarkt GmbH by ASKO, opening of the first home improvement and DIY center in Luxembourg.